Cortland PE + Liquid Crystal Fly Line

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Good Day

I just got back from fishing this AM. I was lucky to fish with a fellow who is a pretty darn good snook fisherman. We ended up with 3 nice fish, one slot (not mine :) ). This gentleman was throwing clear line Cortland PE + Liquid Crystal Line. He mentioned to me that he thought once or twice he thought my line (Wulff Bermuda Shorts TT) that I just got and really like with the shorter head may have spooked the fish. I am guessing this could be true?

You guys ever use this stuff??? Might it make a difference? Right now my biggest problem is presentation or lack there of. But I will get that down in a month or so and if this clear line really does not spook fish as much I may give it a try. I guess this sport will end up completely bankrupting me in the near future so what the heck is another 80$.

By the way, we were blind casting and not sight fishing.

Thank you!


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    I use a longer leader 12-16' on the BTT. Blind casting a clear line is a different world then sight fishing. At night I would think no difference at all. If these are heavily fished and educated fish it could make a difference. Mileage may vary :)
    Ps Zhunter has a new pe crystal for sale in cleaning out the closet thread.
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    I don't know how short a Bermuda short is, but you may not like the Cortland Liq. Crystal. Here are the specs.for those up to 9 wt. The weights are for the entire head, not the first 30'.

    Cortland Liquid Crystal
    6-9wt - longer head profile
    6wt - 250gn @ 47'
    7wt - 275gn @ 47'
    8wt - 305gn @ 47'
    9wt - 345gn @ 47'

    I like them - other wise I wouldn't have three of them. But I boat fish in the keys where water and boat deck are both hot. These are stiff lines and hold up well down here, shooting nice even in the summer. I also stretch them before going out. Also, I am used to solid hard monocore - lots of guys prefer braided core.

    Ole Dirty Caster doesn't like them. But he wades, and his line isn't baking on a deck. He also had one with twists in it as I recall.Does it help with not spooking fish? I don't know, I figure it can't hurt. I just like long heads and stiff lines.

    The 10, 11, 12wts. are 42' heads.

    10wt - 350gn @ 42'
    11wt - 400gn @ 42'
    12wt - 455gn @ 42'

  • redjimredjim Posts: 774 Officer
    Thank you both, very helpful!

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    If you like the way the Wulff triangle taper feels you may like Monic's Tropical Seamless Phantom Tip Fly Line. It has a short belly and long back taper. Feels a lot like the BTT. They also have an FST redfish line that is similar.
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  • redjimredjim Posts: 774 Officer
    Thanks Dogman, will give the Monic TSP a shot then.

    I appreciate the TIP.
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    I agree with dogman on the Monic. Last year I had some of Cortlands clear and hated it. Even on a 90+ degree day I had serious problems with it.
    Last week I got a spool of the Monic tropical and very happy with it, so much so I just ordered some 6wt. Like ODC I wade mostly and 80' casts in thigh deep water were pretty easy for me.
    AND you will save a few bucks too.
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