Daytona Tarpon on fly. 5-10-2013

SUPER DSUPER D Posts: 672 Officer
took a vacation day, to fish the new moon hoping for a nice tarpon, on fly. It was a little cool, in the morning with calm conditions, till the wind picked up around noon. I found some fish rolling, and was able to get one to eat. At the end of April, I jumped one 60 to 80 pounds, this one was prob 50+, my best one to date, 4 to 5 feet long, and thick. This fish would not give up, leadering it 4 times, and having to let go. this **** fish would not open its mouth, and I did not want to lip gaff it, the fourth time I had the DNA pad next to my knee, the shock in my hand, and it shook hard, and popped the shock off. I have to thank Capt Lemay, I remember reading his article on watching the bubble trail after a tarpon rolls, to see were it went. These fish were frustrating me, then I started watching the bubbles, to find they were behind the fish. (fish roll going right then go strait down and turn and sit on the bottom) It all made sense. If you lead the fish, it never sees the fly. Now I wait for the bubbles, and land the fly right on them, and let sink, then strip, and have been getting bites. The wrest of the day got me a few jacks, and lady fish on fly and a little blue fish. Ended the day with a grand slam, but not on fly.


  • redjimredjim Posts: 774 Officer
    Super nice fish, SuperD!!!
  • greenie-slayergreenie-slayer Posts: 830 Officer
    What kind of fly were you throwing to the rolling ****? I wanna get one on fly but I don't know what to throw or in what colors. I see fish in deeper dirty water.
  • SUPER DSUPER D Posts: 672 Officer
    Thanks guys, I was using a 2/0 black and purple mullet fly, black EP fibers for the head, purple marabou tail. with just a little EP sparkle brush inbetween in black for just a little flash. Jumped one 60, to 80 pounds on the same fly, last week in April.
  • ShadowcastShadowcast Wimauma, FLPosts: 1,054 Officer
    Nice ****!
    Capt. Jon Bull
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