30 minutes on the Topwater Frog from the Florida Everglades. Good Fish!

The other day I developed a pattern but the weather was nasty. I went back yesterday and picked right up. These fish were better size. Fished for 25-30 minutes before I lost light. Most were caught on a frog and one on a lipless crank.


  • johnDjohnD WC FLPosts: 6,401 Admiral
    Nice !! You ever catch any snook in those canals ? Or are you to far from salt ?
  • Captain Shane ProcellCaptain Shane Procell Posts: 371 Officer
    No snook in here.
  • troutbomtroutbom Posts: 214 Deckhand
    Shane, is the water high enough to get a jon boat in there yet. Last I looked the plugs were bone dry. If you walked all the way in my hat is off to you.
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