Marine Electronics?? Radar?

Two questions, what brand/type of radar are you guys running? like furuno 4.5' open array as an example....Im looking to add radar to my boat... Next question, anyone know who does good electronics work in the naples area? Im right off 75 and Pine Ridge Rd. Sea Tech is the only one around down here, and trying to have them get back to you is like pulling teeth so far. Thoughts/ideas?

p.s..... anyone in the business and wants to work a good deal... ill take you on a 70+ mile trip and put you on slob grouper!!


  • nobrainsnobrains Posts: 91 Deckhand
    Well you mentioned my choice... Sea Tech. Paul Wassberg is the best. I know right now he's probably 3-4 weeks booked but he'll get back to you and it will be done right.
  • Naples SpearoNaples Spearo Posts: 112 Officer
    yea, his partner Eric did the system originally when they first started the company....trying to spend some money with no response.....
  • RMDRMD Posts: 1,796 Officer
    I have the Raymarine super HD open array. It works well, although I haven't used it much. I am sure that I will be glad someday when I get stuck in some unexpected fog. I actually use my satellite weather every time I fish and for weather purposes I like that much better than radar.

    My understanding is that you probably want to stick with the same brand for all of your electronics as they communicate/interact better as compared to when you mix and match. What type of electronics do you have currently?
  • Naples SpearoNaples Spearo Posts: 112 Officer
    Furuno VX2.... looking to add the 4' open array... either that or i have been looking at some garmin domes/ displays... Just get a 740s from garmin and the dome and just use that for radar/backup plotter....but its cheaper and dont know the quality...
  • VeikxVeikx Posts: 611 Officer
    I would post on Thehulltruth under parts forum that you're looking for that radar. I've had the pleasure of buying/selling many things and the guy's on there are great.
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