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Sebastian 4/30

Well, I have been away on vacation visiting some of the grandkids in MD for a week.I had planned a leisurely return home but the wife decided we should do the marathon push for home and with a 3:45 AM shove off....drove straight thru almost 16 hours and got in last night at 7:30 PM. I called my son enroute and planned to fish with him in the AM...promising nothing but a boat ride.

We get out and I figure to start close in and on a spot that has been consistant for a fish or two and my son strikes first blood with a low slot Red on a chartruse Kokoho minnow. We hit several more spots...saw a couple trout and a couple snook...but no interest in plastic from them.
Run to a spot that has fish off and on and after a long dry spell...my son scores another low slot Red.....I have not had a sniff. Next spot we work down the shoreline and.....my son gets his third lower slot Red....I am feeling like it just may not be my day....or last Mondays Snook used up all my good fishing karma. We decide to push one more spot and even with the heavy cloud cover my son spots a Red against the shore...luckily he bumbled the presentation enough for me to get the white mirrolure soft sardine where it needed to be and I managed a mid slot Red....which allowed me to quit and head to the ramp with only taking a good beating and not a skunking...Weather was looking iffy anyway and I have a lawn that needs mowin'.
It sure was nice to get out with my son...we have not had as many trips this year as I would like so having him get a few fish was nice. :)
There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you


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