Reel Addiction Charters.....Recent Trip Reports.

Fished with some guys from Tennessee on a Cobia Trip then a Half Day Amberjack/Cobia, then did a bottom fishing trip with a crew from Bonifay. The Cobia trip went 2-6 on a 45 and 25lber. 2nd day we ran out and popped a limit of Jacks up to 44lbs and cobia fished the rest of the day going 0-1. The bottom trip yesterday was a little tough at first with the full moon being on us but managed a nice limit of Jacks up to 42lbs with a decent box topper of Scamp, Red grouper, kitty Mitchell, Triggers and Mingos. It was a good week on the big lake. To book a trip Contact Capt. Mickey at 850-768-2327. Visit us on Facebook or


  • LilOrangeLilOrange Posts: 1,185 Officer
    Nice haul!! That's a couple of good triggers in the mix as well.

    Livin' the Dream !
  • Hutch316Hutch316 Posts: 110 Officer
    Those Triggers are beast!!!! Good haul
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,013 Moderator
    Nice work! Don't guess I'm going to catch a cobia this year.

    I don't see a warsaw in the pics. ????
    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
  • Capt. Mickey LockeCapt. Mickey Locke Posts: 113 Officer
    It was a Kitty Mitchell around 7-8 bad...
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,013 Moderator
    Kind of what I was thinking. ;-)

    I'll be knocking out all kinds of engine work this Sat, and then I'll be ready to do some bottom fishing. Caught two jack last year off a spot pretty close that were both over 50. Would like to go knock them out and then go around the corner and wear out some red groupers. Dang ling embarrassed me this year (like most years)... grrr....
    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
  • Capt. Mickey LockeCapt. Mickey Locke Posts: 113 Officer
    I only got to Cobia fish a couple times myself.....Construction has went back to wide open the last few months and been to wrapped up to go. Hopefully next year ill be able to fish most of April....
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