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First Tarpon! (Well, it wasn't mine...)

Me and my buddy took his 17' flats boat out this past Friday to try our luck at some tarpon action off of Sanibel. Being complete newbies, we had talked to just about everyone we knew who fished for these guys and felt like we had a rough idea of what we were doing.

Hit up blind pass for bait early, then cruised the beaches. Nothing but spanish mackerel. Went out off of Knapps next. Nothing but sharks. Ran into the causeway to grab bait and fuel up around lunch then decided we'd cruise the beach back north then head out. Tons of spanish on the way back and then suddenly we saw a hugh concentration of birds. Up closer discovered they were diving on some bait they had gotten to ball up. 10 min after we arrived, the tarpon showed up and were free jumping from the middle off the ball and rolling all around us.

Jumped 3 on the threaddies, but thanks to the sharks and spanish we had lost all our our good hooks and leader. So we weren't hooking up (30lb flouro with small circle hooks) Luckily, some veteran tarpon guys took pity on us and hooked us up with some leader and hooks. Once we had our gear right, we hooked up and it was game on. My buddy Matt landed this hoss 2 hours later. We took some pictures, measurements, a scale, and started our long run back to St. James City at low tide in the dark. Amazing amazing experience. We're hooked!


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