Using surf rod for bottom bouncing

Has anybody ever tried this? Would a stout 10' rod work well enough or am I just asking for a broken rod? I don't plan on hammering down the drag or have very high hopes of getting grouper off of wrecks; more so looking for beeliners, porgies and snapper suspended a little higher off the bottom.

I only get out a couple times a year and really don't want to buy a boat rod unless I have to.



  • AlwaysAbuAlwaysAbu Posts: 476 Deckhand
    Would it work, yes. But if a rod bends 4 feet in a curve (like maybe a 10 ft surf rod would bend half way down the blank) think about that...that bottom fish gets 4 feet of depth to get into a hole. A stiff boat rod that is 6-7 ft but only bends like 1 ft doesnt give the fish as much slack line from the rod flexing to get rocked up. If that makes sense? But go for it, just crank hard!
  • Jetex2801Jetex2801 Posts: 540 Officer
    Be warned you'll be extremely tired if you start to catch some fish.
  • dsvm0479dsvm0479 Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    Thanks, clearly not ideal, just wanted to make sure this wasn't a sure fire way to a broken rod.
  • fishboyfishboy Posts: 1,326 Officer
    Sometimes the longer rod is better like when fishing on a larger boat with more people.
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