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Need help building a cleaning station for dock

Anyone have any plans for a station that is easy and looks nice. I've even thought about buying one of the magna cleaning tables and incorporating that . Anyone have a step by step or some good pics of their's. I really appreciate it


  • johnDjohnD WC FLPosts: 6,419 Admiral
    build a counter top to clean fish and add a old double sided sink to it..building shade over it helps on those hot days when you have a mess of fish to clean.
  • SpaceCoast SlayerSpaceCoast Slayer Posts: 3,527 Captain
    i built one a few years ago, and its served me very well.. very sturdy .. and the way i made mine, it could be lagged down to a dock very easily.. i got a free bathroom vanity off craigslist made of cultured marble, real fancy lookin lol..the vanity, the 2x4s and the screws are the only materials going into this project.. i did the framework first, cant remember the exact height but i dont have to stoop down, its perfect, about 8 inches above my bellybutton.. you frame it out first, as you can see in the pic, then you have to use a masonry bit to drill the holes in the vanity (or whatever you end up with) put the vanity on the framework, and screw it down.. i put small washers on the screws to attach the vanity.. thats about it, plus i stained the lumber, which now its really faded out and the wood is beginning to go to crap but with a good stain and seal every so often it will hold up!! as you can see in the pics, mine hasnt been used in quite a while lol.. its pretty dirty.. but when cleaned up its beautiful.. i also can hook up a garden hose to the sink by way of adapters.. ive also got a meat grinder clamped to the side to grind chum with.. as you can see in the second pic, the bottom of the frame, you put the 2x4s flat, for more support... it makes for a good surface to screw it down to the dock.. i hope this makes a little sense lol im not good at explaining my redneck engineering..
  • SpaceCoast SlayerSpaceCoast Slayer Posts: 3,527 Captain
    its hard to see the bottom rails in the second pic, but they are 2x4s laid down flat and attatched to the framework, to give more stability.. i hope this helps a little!
  • SpaceCoast SlayerSpaceCoast Slayer Posts: 3,527 Captain
    and also you want the braces in the frames opposing eachother on each side, if you look at the middle frames, you can see the braces run one way on one side, and the oppisite way on the other.. same thing on the outside frames.. this makes for much better rigidity
  • GATORDONE1GATORDONE1 Posts: 110 Officer
  • Shark bittenShark bitten Posts: 211 Deckhand
    I believe there's one on craigslist fs or in the free section sw fl area. Has a sink and a few extras. Could use TLC but not in bad shape. From scratch Lowes and home depot sell PVC lumber in the molding section that is affordable and great for outside plus it won't hold bacteria or rot. It would be great for the outside to make it look good. Some Azek decking 1/2" x 12" will work great for the door middle sections then use the PVC flat stock to build the door frame. A pocket joiner will make strong fast frames. Sells for about $40 without vise c clamps. Its a great tool for drilling and joining materials together . v Another weather free material is the aluminum pool screen cage. Lowes sells it its very diy friendly with basic wood working saws, you'll just need a carbide tip saw blade for a chop saw or circular saw. No miter cuts because they sell the galvanized connector hardware that joins the aluminum frames together they slip into another. I'd probably go that route myself. For a 24" x 8' table- Figure 1- 2" x 3" x 16' section for the legs. 2 - 2"x 3" x 16' PC will form the horizontal top and middle rectangular frames with 2- 24" PC for middle cross braces from each pc., 2 on top 2 bottom. 28 galvanized frame connectors will be needed 4 to secure the legs to deck 24 to build the frame. Butt join everything to the legs with screws. Add a counter top, sink, plumbing and a light and your neighbors will be jealous.
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