Marco Island to Marathon - need a buddy boat - 7/19/13

I live in Fort Myers and go down to the Keys every year for the week of mini-season. I would like to take the boat down this year... thinking of leaving from Marco. Has anyone every made this trip.

I have a 22-2 Aquasport. I plan to leave early... have been told it is a pretty easy trip. But, I would feel more comfortable making the trip with another boat.

Planning to leave around 6 AM, Friday, 7/19/13.

Let me know if you are interested.


  • fish4funfish4fun Posts: 225 Officer
    With that boat go ahead and trailer on in to Goodland and leave from there. Take the inside route out of Goodland and down along the Everglades National Park. It's marked all the way and you'll be in 10-15' of beautiful water providing there's no storms. Ultimately you'll go through two markers known as the yacht channel near the tip of Cape Sable. The route drops you out just northeast of Marathon. Pick up the ICW close by and follow it to Moser channel and in. It's a great run and lots of fun. By leaving out of Goodland you avoid the Cape Romano Shoals entirely, and never have to get into deep water which means while it might be 2-4's out there, near the ENP it will be 1's.
  • 22-2 Aquasport22-2 Aquasport Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the advice. Sounds much better. Would still like a buddy boat if anyone is interested...
  • 22-2 Aquasport22-2 Aquasport Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    So... Anyone interested in making the trip with me... Goodland to Marathon. 7-19
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