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Nighttime Topwater Using the Force

GarboGarbo Posts: 1,262 Officer
Done something really cool last night.

We fished grassflats under the full moon with skitterwalk topwater baits. I have always depended on the ability to see the bait while fishing topwater baits and at first it was somewhat uncomfortable for me as it was too dark to see the skitterwalk as it made it's way back to me during my retrieve.

I learned that it actually helped me connect with more fish by hearing the strike than to see it. I have the bad habit of pulling a topwater bait away from a fish due to seeing the strike and fishing during the night last night it helped me to not strike too early on a bite by hearing it and then feeling it first.

Great experience and I learned a bunch.

Try it..... I'ts way cool........ And may the Force be with you.....


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