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Pole Alert - Lets you know when the pole is down

jwentzeljwentzel Posts: 3 Greenhorn
I found this product while searching the internet. For those of you who have ever forgotten your Power-Pole or Talon in the down position this is for you. I contacted them on their website, got some additional information, and ordered one. I spoke with the owner and this patent pending idea just came out. I have ordered one, and am anxiously awaiting for it in the mail. Check it out. PoleAlert.com. Great idea.


  • The DaveThe Dave Posts: 486 Deckhand
    The Talon has a built in alarm that goes off when you turn the key with it in the down position. Some places don't wire it correctly unless you ask them, I had to take mine back and have the alarm wired. (bought the boat from a Power Pole dealer but wanted a Talon)
    I'll think of something witty to put here.....
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