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How and where to catch bait NEAR big carlos pass please help me!

ReplicaracksReplicaracks Posts: 11 Greenhorn
Hey guys I'm pretty new to salt water fishing ,I'm staying on canal for 5 weeks about half mile from big carlos pass on ft myers beach?I have my 16 foot dolphin with a 90 meRc with me,and I'm having a very hard time catching bait,for inshore snook,reds,trout .I have a 8 ft Tim wade net , wheRe do I go to try and find bait around here close? I got lucky 1 day around the bridge at new pass ,and caught some 6-8 inch threadfin,but haven't caught anything but a few pinfish on the grass flats since.If someone could please explain in detail how and where , it would make my fishing days go a lot better!! I've been told search off the beaches,but don't know anything about what I'm Doing out there,Im spending all day searching for bait,and not fishing.Thanks in advance!


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