Im taking my Dad out at some point this week, and would like to hooking him up with something that pulls hard. I had heard that jacks where around now, any tips on where to find them around st. andrews bay? Thanks For any help you can give me.


  • Red FishRed Fish Posts: 1,163 Officer
    I have seen some lately running in about 2-3' of water just along the beach. I would suggest either running the inside bar or wading in the early morning along the beach.

    The ones I have seen have been absolute horses. Running in small schools of about 3-8 fish. They have actually been fairly spooky as well so I would bring some back up live bait.
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  • reel stamasreel stamas Posts: 6,153 Admiral
    I've been Cobia fishing ~10x & haven't seen a single JC... Lots of big Redfish around though & they pull pretty hard (esp. on trout/pompano tackle)
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  • Reef ThiefReef Thief Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    I saw them busting the surface at the jetties this afternoon. One man caught one, and I threw a cobia jig with no luck.
  • tysonetysone Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Thanks For the help guys.
  • Split ShotSplit Shot Posts: 6,177 Admiral
    Remember if your throwing arties at them you need to get their attention and when they start to follow your lure pick up the speed and get radical with it. ;^)
  • Reef ThiefReef Thief Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    Saw a big school of them running the beach in front of shell island today.
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