Shimano rod guide question

Gurus of rod building, I have a Shimano Trevala that looks like the wrap area around the guides is starting to crack, see example below:


Almost all the guides look like this and I want to know if I should be concerned about the longevity of this rod since I use it for vertical jigging.
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  • nicknick Crystal RiverPosts: 4,800 Captain
    That just means its well seasoned:Rockon
  • HooganHoogan Posts: 547 Officer
    They used an epoxy that is not as flexible as it ought to be and/or you,are really putting that rod to the test and flexing it beyond the epoxy's capability to flex without cracking. The only thing that can happen is that it will allow moisture and for that matter salt to get on the guides foot and eventually the guides are going to get rusty, it should not affect the blank what so ever.e
  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,333 Moderator
    Thanks guys. and yes, this is my #1 producing rod so its sees plenty of action compared to my others.
    I was just surprised to see cracking like that on a jigging rod which is designed to flex for lure action and when fighting fish.
    Hobie Kayak angler for life!
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