Redfish or Red Snapper

Looking for some opinions. I am going to be in Panama City for the last 2 weeks in June and will be bringing my own boat. Its a 18' boat with a 150 hp outboard. It is basically like a bass boat with a bit deeper sides. I am a freshwater fisherman from up north but I have been to the Keys for week each of the last 3 years. Rented a boat there and did quite a bit fishing while I was there, mostly chumming on the reef for yellowtails, mangos, and whatever else would bit. Have never fished the Panama City area. I am going to hire a guide for my first day there and am trying to decide if I should book a trip to go Red Snapper fishing or if I should look for an inshore trip for Redfish and Trout. Not enough funds to do 2 guided trips. My question is what will be the harder fishing to learn on my own, inshore reds/trout or Red Snapper? I suspect with my boat, most of my fishing will be in the Bay but if the weather cooperates, I would like to try the Gulf.
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    You will probably hit at least one slick day and if so hit some local short numbers. Chum the ars like you would any other fish and you will probably get you some.I cant tell you anything about bay fishin.Good luck
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    Hire an Inshore Guide to learn the areas to target for Redfish/Trout & get on the Internet & Google/Search- Panama City Beach Dive Sites or Half Hitch Tackle Fishing Spots (not sure the exact verbiage) & as above just get some bait (live, dead, squid, jigs) & hit Public #s... Most anything in ~50'+ of water may hold Snapper... I've caught nice keeper Snapper on Stage 2 right outside the Pass...
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    Hire a guide for bay and then copy him. for snapper drop 40-80 dollars on a head boat and go catch your two fish. Not glamorous, but hell... I don't know of any cheaper way to spend a day on the water and come home with a meal.
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    Join the Panama City Fishing Group on Facebook and tap into fishing information from over 150 local fisherman. No need to hire guide at all.
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