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LSS-2 Structure Scan Transducer Placement

rbtbryanrbtbryan Posts: 99 Deckhand
Has anyone determined the most efficient height off the bottom of the flat strake on the transom for the Structurescan transducer. Obviously it needs to be a little higher than the level of the strake, and only needs to be efficiently in the water at low speeds or idle.
Are we talking .125", or more than that to avoid the spray caused by contact with the water at plane. The bracket is slightly adjustable, but only about .50".
I have never noticed how deep the transom sits at low speed plane, and in fact, considering how low the transom sits at low trolling speeds or dead stop, the transducer could in fact sit well off the bottom of the boat. Any thoughts?
My inclination is to set it within about .75" of the bottom, 12" to starboard of the centerline to accommodate the overlay function on the screen.


  • Egrets LandingEgrets Landing Posts: 949 Officer
    Just put it so the bottom of the transducer is exactly on plane with the bottom of the hull. You don't want it sticking down below the hull. If you move it off the flat area and down more towards the plug, you still have to mount it facing straight down so the lowest part of the transducer facing the bottom will just be one edge if not mounted on the flat portion of the hull.
    Use a big Tsquare or a long ruler and lay it underneath the hull and place the transducer so it rests exactly on top of the extension. Place the bracket so you can adjust from that point up 1/4 or down 1/4 in case you want to fine tune it a little in either direction. When on plane you don't want the SS dragging down in the water. At idle or low speeds when you will be using it, it will be plenty well sunk. It says to mount on the starboard side of the engine but mine was located on the port and it worked fine there on that small flat area of the hull. The issue I am concerned about now is the distance between the sonar and the SS transducers. On my last set up they were both adjacent off the transom. Now with the main sonar transducer located in the bilge is that location for the SS on the transom now too far away from the sonar transducer? They are supposed to be pretty close for the overlay purposes. But I hated the sonar on the transom because it had to be mounted a little lower than the hull to read at speed and it sprayed up all over the engine. I need to look into the max distance between the transducers a little more before proceeding. Might need to mount the SS a little closer to the plug instead of on the flat area of the hull. But maybe the prop would cause more issues then being on the starboard side? I don't know. I have the hole for the wire on the starboard side from many years ago and prefer to not run the SS wire coming out there all the way back across to port.
  • rbtbryanrbtbryan Posts: 99 Deckhand
    I was pretty sure your transducer cable hole was on the port side. That was the side that Lowrance indicated would be used with counter rotational props.
    The instructions say 12" between transducers. That makes it pretty close at about 14" to the thru hull puck.
    So from your response, there is no portion of the lower transom at the flat strake that is even slightly submerged at plane? I would guess not, but I have never looked or had occasion to think about the physics of the problem.
  • Egrets LandingEgrets Landing Posts: 949 Officer
    I have looked plenty of times because I was trying to solve the spray problem with the other regular sonar transducer. On plane the flat area is not submerged. On plane, my SS was not dragging in the water at that location there when mounted in line with the bottom of the hull.
  • rbtbryanrbtbryan Posts: 99 Deckhand
    Outstanding! That's was what I needed to know. Thanks.
  • Renagade69Renagade69 Posts: 1,234 Officer
    You can make an bracket that goes on the side of your outboard. The ss transducer only needs to be in the water at off plane slow speeds. Mine is attached to my jack plate.

    These are brackets for installing on a jack plate so you can get a picture of what I mean.
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  • mtd885mtd885 Posts: 1,159 Officer
    I got the HDS 12 Gen 2 this year and I am ready to install it however I have had some conflicting info on Transducer placement on the 189. I’m more of a monkey see monkey do kind of mechanic so I would greatly appreciate it if any body can shoot me a pic of the transducer placements for this unit. Frank (Renegade), can you send me a pic of your “skimmer in the bilge” setup? Perhaps someone knows a good electrical guy in the lower keys I can get to install the unit and transducers? Thanks michael
  • rocketman1rocketman1 Posts: 187 Deckhand
    See the BBC guys too:http://www.bbcboards.net/lowrance-garmin-sonar-gps/269104-lss2-shield-install-pics-questions.html

    Lots of talk there about install options.
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