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md2626md2626 Posts: 107 Officer
I am currently serving in the navy as a PO2 but am transitioning out within the next year. I'm in the beginning stages of applying with the FWC. Any LEO's with the FWC have any tips on applying? How far out from my EAOS should I begin submitting everything? Thanks!

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  • Catalina26Catalina26 Posts: 231 Officer
    Best suggestion I can give is contact a recruiter and they will point you in the right direction. Got to myfwc.com and look up the recruiter in your area. It is a very long process. Takes about1-2 years before you go to school. If your not certified already through a police academy it will take 29 weeks up I Tallahassee. Good luck to you very competitive job a lot of people apply and only limited openings. Be prepared to move also one of the main things they look at is willingness to move shows you really want the job and will do whatever it takes to earn a spot
  • md2626md2626 Posts: 107 Officer
    Thanks for the info. I've been touch with the recruiter up here this last week. I'm definitely willing to move wherever I'm pretty used to that by now. No matter what it will be in FL. Thanks again!

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