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Pimping with PVC

mbowersmbowers Posts: 496 Deckhand
I really like the taller side grab rails (2" taller on the top loop I believe) but the left one is basically 1/2" from the steering wheel and underneath the wheel which means it's not useful when the steering wheel is needed (ie under way). I took the grab rail off, sized up the attachment, had a couple of aeronautical design engineers at work review the design and fabbed up a prototype spacer out of two concentric lengths of PVC pipe (1.25" and 1.0" sched 40). I put a fender washer on top of the spacer and used some 316 threaded rod and coupler nuts (5/16") to extend the threaded stud on the grab rail. It feels just as sturdy as the original. So far I really like the 3" extra standoff which lets a tall passenger grab the top of the rail while I'm using the steering wheel. There's still just as much room to the side of the console as when there's rods in the console rod holders. After a couple of trips to be sure I'm happy with it I think I'll go to a welding shop and replace the PVC pipe with some stainless tube. If enough people like it I'd chip in to get a new jig made up at the factory so all tall Egret drivers and passengers could benefit.





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