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Sebastian Area Dive Schools

LowcountryLowcountry Posts: 4 Greenhorn
My wife and I are thinking of coming down to Sebastian and camp for a couple of weeks at the state park and take a open water dive course. Anyone have suggestions of which shops to check out. Thanks Steve


  • Mako_OneMako_One Posts: 216 Officer
    Deep six in Vero beach is in your area. Also check out Sebastian dive and surf company
  • LowcountryLowcountry Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    Thanks a lot Mako_One.
  • MelbourneMarkMelbourneMark Posts: 2,190 Captain
    I am newer to this area. However, I will say that I was treated very nicely at Hatt's Diving center here in Melbourne. I purchased a speargun and 2 sets of masks and snorkels from them.
  • billblackbillblack Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    Since few shops in our area have classes that start every week, here's a list of some of the local shops;

    Hatt's Dive Shop in Melbourne...great people -PADI-very good selection of equipment -good instructors -long drive from the Inlet. I live in Sebastian, that is where I got certified. (321)-723-5932

    Sebastian Surf and Dive-NAUI- Steve runs the place-great guy - not such a big selection of stuff but he has enough - closer by quite a bit to the park.(772) 581-8151

    JND Scuba Center in Palm Bay -PADI- Nice folks.. good service...lots of inventory- they run classes about every week (321) 723-8888

    Deep Six in Vero -PADI- nice folks though I do not know them as well as others- good selection of equipment. Well thought of locally. (772) 562-2883

    Froggie's Dive Center - in Grant - new shop -Nice guys as far as I can tell. - (855) 393-2922
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