first attempt


i would like to build my first rod, but even if i have read many articles, view lot of video, i'm not able to decide what kind of blank rod i need to start with...
as it's my first blank rod, i don't want to spend a lot on it.
i'm looking a saltwater rod, but i don't have a boat, so most of the time it will be for surf and pier. i'm not trying to catch wales ;o), but i need something i can enjoy, from small to medium fish.

i would lilke to use my old, but almost new, daiwa jupiter z5500

can you help me to found something who match my needs?



  • xavxav Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    little bit more info about my needs

    this is going to be a spinning rod
    length between 5 and 8'
    i'm going to use lures
    20lbs pound test line

    hope this help
  • Caribbean SoulCaribbean Soul Posts: 234 Officer

    lots of choices, they even have "second's" that are very cheep to try your skills as a first rod.
  • xavxav Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    thanks for the answer i have already check mudhole. i found few stuff, kit are cheap, i will probably start with MHSK-28-Spin or MHSK-27-Spin i don't want a too long rod, 8' is probably a bit long, 7 is better.
    you think it's a good start?
  • SpaceCoast SlayerSpaceCoast Slayer Posts: 3,527 Captain
    if youre gonna be pitchin lures go with at least a 7
  • irishff727irishff727 Posts: 948 Officer
    Lures or just drifting baits the kits aren't a bad place to start I have built a few rods on mudhole blanks and unless you are a rod snob you really wouldn't be able to tell it from other blanks. I have built a few spinners on their MHX blanks as well as a lami blank the only thing I can really notice in the lami blank seems to have more finess in casting than the MHX when it comes down to it you can spend a lot or a lil but either way it is fun and rewarding
    time enjoyed wasted is not wasted time
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