Boca Easter Dolphin Report... Slow to say the least

What's up everybody. Just wanted to post a quick report from today's trip.

Went out and trolled off Boca/Deerfield/Boynton all morning zigzagging between 150' and 450' feet. First knockdown was a maybe barely legal dolphin that jumped off on the flat. A few hours later we landed a lone 5# phin on a naked ballyhoo. Bites came in at 410' and 340' with scattered weed. Came in at noon because it was slow.

Coolest part of the day, we followed a frigate all the way into 50 feet of water. About to turn around when he starts going nuts, a million flying fish are going every which direction and there's a bunch of dolphin in hot pursuit behind them. Neon greens and blues everywhere. Kind of like that Life of Pi movie, only in super shallow water. Don't be scared to fish shallow if the frigates are going there!

I also saw a very strange color change today. In 400 feet of water there was a crystal clear light blue "lake" of water. I got it on my GoPro. I'll upload later. Super strange. Wasn't a cloud.

And to the idiot that was up in his tower on his yellow boat not watching where he was driving, you sir are a freaking moron, thank you for taking out both my ballyhoo while we were following the frigate, and I hope you enjoy taking hundreds of feet of mono out of your props.

Better days to come.



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