64 pound mahi off Ft. Pierce

Long time reader but have never posted before. Cleared the inlet at 6:30 with 3 buddies on Saturday. Put lines in around 180 feet and trolled due east. Came up on a slick in 450 feet and saw plenty of blackfin jumping but could not hook up. Continued east until 720 feet. Came up on some scattered weeds and plenty of fliers. Hooked up on a nice 12 pound bull, which hit a homemade yellow daisy chain with a naked bally. A nice 10 minute fight and he was in the box. We re-set the spread and circled back towards the same spot. Halfway there, we spot a short log - about 3 feet long. Trolled past it and our 64 pound friend decided to inhale my ballyhoo with the blue and white islander skirt. The fight lasts about 40 minutes until we stick the gaff in him and hoist him over the engine well - there was no way we were going to be able to bring him over the gunnel. High 5s all around and re-set. Tried to find the log but never could. Boated one more 15 pound bull at the same depth.

I have no idea how to load the pics, but I will try.


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