Easter Bug Hunt and a lost Speargun

Took the Easter morning and went on my own egg hunt, I mean Lobster. We were in about 95' maybe a mile south of Palm Beach inlet.Vis was great sea weren't so nice. Long story short... While chasing a bug around a rock I did a stupid and sat my new JBL sawed off 38 special beside me and by the time I grabbed the bug and went to pick up the gun it was gone. My stupid fault, I was used to my other gun which sank and I guess this one has some buoyancy. To make the matters worse this is the 1st time I had it out and didn't even get the chance to properly label it with name and phone # so if anyone finds a 3 band JBL loaded floating by feel free to contact me as good karma is always rewarded by the fish gods.
Happy Easter to Everyone!!

I posted this on spearboard also.
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