SLI Easter Sunday 3 Phins 1 Hook

Arrived at Sandspirt Park at 6:30AM with a police officeer at the entrance and a lot of cars entering. Oh wait it's Easter Sunday sun rise services/ mass or something. The ramp is empty.

Run out to 120 FT and set up a troll and continue east looking for weed line or birds anything that looks fishable. Around 200 FT we get a knock down start to a flat line the port out rigger gets nailed. No jumping we knew it had to be Bonita's yeah we are correct. Continue trolling east to Pushbutton south circled once with nothing. Decided to toll back into 140 FT. At about 240FT found a rip with some weed on it turned north in about 5 minutes the short flat line goes off. Hooked up on a phinf 1DeadBait fight the fish for about 12 minutes gets to the boat. I make a very nice gaff shot and the 20LB in the cooler.

I go and clean the phin, this phin had 2 small dolphin in his stomach. Hence the title 3 Phins 1 hook.
Can't believe is was still hungry, but we are glad he was still eating. And here's diner. What a great weekend on the water.
“When you have to choose between two evils you still choose evil” Jerry Garcia


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