3-30-2013 - Port Saint Lucie Offshore Fishing Report:

Taking Mr. Trim Tab (JT) out today and a first timer aboard the AF, JT’s brother-in-law Bill who is in town on vacation from Ohio. JT got his nickname Trim Tab when fishing on the Sandpile for Cobia he had one hooked up that made a mad dash to the back of the boat and got cut off on the trim tab :grin

Minutes later a school of Cobia swam by and Trim Tab seeks revenge. We sink the gaff in this green fish and as he hits the deck he going nuts... Congrats JT on the nice catch back in May 2011 :beer


The bait guy wasn’t at the ramp this morning when I arrived at 5am. Got the boat ready and rigged up some rods while waiting for the crew to come at 6:00am and hopefully the bait guy.

The crew arrives early so I started rigging up the Sabiki rods and just then the bait guy shows up. Yippie… We picked up 3 dozen baits and headed offshore.

On Thursday I asked JT what they wanted to target today. Fins, Cobia, Wahoo, Sailfish, and a large shark for his brother-in-law. Tall order for sure but hope to knock some of those species off the list today. I can tell you that we will have fun trying, that’s for sure.

With shark on the menu, we need to pick up some blue runners or some bonitas. We exited the SLI at the end of the outgoing tide. The SLI was bumpy but once we got away from the SLI it wasn’t bad. We hit the red buoy first for some runners but nothing doing.


We run south to Bullshark Barge and dropped ½ dozen runners into the livewell’s in short order. We found them on the east end of the barge.

We started offshore and found a color change with weeds in 40ft so we slow trolled some livey’s in that area for 20 minutes or so to hopefully pick up a fin or bonita for later for the sharks.

We continued SE and found a log floating in 50ft and worked that for a few minutes with nothing under it. No bait below. Moved on and ended up in 600ft on some scattered weeds. Drifted livey’s around here for a couple of hours without a bite.

It’s time to bend some rods (I hope) and dialed in the AJ spot and headed in that direction. We stopped south of the spot on some scattered weeds and drifted this area for another hour without a bite. I rigged up the bottom rod and we headed over to the AJ spot.

We rig up a Blue Runner and dropped it to the bottom (146ft down) JT’s first up and immediately gets a AJ bite so we knew they were in town. The fish came unglued so we ran back north and set-up another drift. Bills turn on the rod and minutes into the second drift it is fish on.


This fight turns into a 45 minute long tug of war with a huge shark. We strap on the fighting belt for Bill to help fight the beast. JT and I relax and drink a beer while we watch the sweat drip off Bills forehead. :grin


JT gives Bill a five minute break and helps crank up a few turns on the reel.


Bills back on the rod and works hard to bring the beast to the surface.



A few more cranks and he brings the fish to the surface. I grab the GoPro to shoot some underwater footage but when I checked the video when I got home nothing was on it. Captain did something wrong. Sorry crew. It was a good thing JT was taking some pictures to capture Bills amazing feat.

The Bullshark was all of 8ft long and pushing 200+ lbs. Great job Bill and a memory you will never forget :beer The fish takes a dive before I could grab my camera and snap some pics. Bill goes back at work raising the large Bullshark. Here’s the pics that JT took for us…



The shark is under the boat then all the sudden with one last pull of the rod, walla… Up comes the head of an AJ :grin Not only did Bill out fish us today JT, but he also catches two species on the same rod, using one bait at the same time. :applause



AWESOME job today Bill.

We make another drift with no luck and then moved a bite north to allow Vindawg to fish the AJ area…


We found some nice weed patches and set-up another drift of greenies for some fins and JT hooks up to a jumping fin off in the distance but comes unglue. We worked this area for a while with no other bites then headed to the Sandpile to drift some livey’s over the pile. We make a couple drifts here and call it a day. Back to the dock just before 3pm.

Today’s Tally
1 – Bullshark
1 for 2 – Greater Amberjack
0 for 1 - Fin

How did you all make out today?

Tip of the day

Let’s talk SST maps. SST maps are Sea Surface Temperature maps that helps point out eddies and temperature breaks. The picture below shows you the SST map from this morning. It shows the temp break to be located inside of the 600ft line.


To check out the SST maps click the link below then click the weather link at the top of the page. Once on the weather page scroll down to the list of (3) SST map links. The one I use is the middle link. Rutgers University.


By looking at the Buoyweather map below, you can see that the temp break is inside of Push Button Hill. Push Button Hill can be seen as that dark spot offshore of the words “Port Salerno”.


A good way to determine the distance one is offshore is to open up the SST map and a online map side by side and get them as close as you can to the same size.

Here is a link to the online map that I use. It allows you to measure distances.


Here is a link on how to read these SST maps.


Hope this helps and if you have any questions, just shoot me an email at [email protected]

Random pics on the day










  • oldtimeroldtimer Posts: 512 Officer
    Nice report Jeff. They will remember that shark for a long time.

    You should change your name to " Always Sharing" as you are great at educating the rest of us.

    Appreciate this latest installment. Well done :fishing:fishing
  • Fi$h2nguyenFi$h2nguyen Posts: 7,782 Moderator
    Great report Jeff! Pretty cool that the remaining AJ carcass was yanked outta the shark.

    Keeping busy while away from Florida

  • flatsfisherflatsfisher Posts: 1,381 Officer
    great report as always, and nice job on the bull!
  • LET'S GOLET'S GO Posts: 2,041 Captain
    Jeff thanks for the report you are always informative and intresting. SPRING IN NEAR.

    baf44a4e-6651-4a38-8a03-7b1c3b6bd22b_zpse5ca0565.jpg L.G. LIFE IS GOOD ON THE "LET'S GO!"
  • B.WilmotB.Wilmot Posts: 204 Officer
    Great repot Jeff I hope to be back fishing with all y'all in SLI SOON!!!
    Bravo Whiskey
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    99 honda 130
  • fishingbuddiesfishingbuddies Posts: 636 Officer
    Heard you out there at least you found something to bend a rod. Great report Jeff keep them coming.
    “When you have to choose between two evils you still choose evil” Jerry Garcia
  • LastMangoLastMango Posts: 4,574 Officer
    Great report, and pics, as always... I skated by a skunk today by a hair... Oh, ****, it's Easter, maybe I should have said hare...
  • BearmaticBearmatic Posts: 576 Officer
    Thanks for the tips Jeff, always learning.
  • Dream RealityDream Reality Posts: 893 Officer
    Agree...thanks for posting and sharing.
  • roweryborowerybo Posts: 2,091 Officer
    Great report Jeff and way to put a guest on a first
  • JEN'S REVENGEJEN'S REVENGE Posts: 661 Officer
    Nice report, I love drinking a beer while someone else fights a shark!
  • BigNiner19BigNiner19 Posts: 299 Deckhand
    Nice report. What kind of rig was that you were using?
    Double Seas
  • AlwaysforwardAlwaysforward Posts: 1,512 Captain
    Thanks All

    oldtimer Glad you enjoy the reports. Just trying to help out in any way I can to help others get on the bite. The object of a forum is to share information on the topic of the forum. This forum is the best in the area with people who enjoy sharing information.

    Fi$h2nguyen You should have seen the look on Bills face when that head of the AJ popped out of the water. If you look at the shark pic you can't even see the #9 wire. The shark had all of it into its mouth. It is amazing that the shark didn't cut through the 150lb leader.

    B.Wilmot Can't wait till my wingman returns to SLI. You can't beat the added benifit of having two boats about a mile apart running an gunning for fins in the deep waters off SLI. Looking forward to your return Bryan. Did you pick up that GPS yet?

    BigNiner19 It's my home made bottom rig. On my bottom rod I run 50lb Gorilla Braid. On the braid I run an 8oz egg sinker. Between the egg sinker and snap swivel I place a small bead to keep the sinker from getting hung up on the snap swivel. From the snap swivel I can connect varying pre-made rigs that I have made.

    These consists of three different size leaders. 30lb, 60lb and 150lb depending on what we are looking to catch.


    The 60lb & 150lb pre-made rigs are set-up the same way. 4-6ft leader (Mono for the 150lb leader and Fluorocarbon for the 60lb leader) looped and crimped on the non-business end that gets attached to the snap swivel on the mainline.


    The other end is looped and crimped to a heavy swivel. From the other end of the heavy swivel you add a 8" piece of #9 single strand wire that is haywire twisted to the swivel. The opposite end is haywire twisted to a #6 Matzuo live bait hook.


    On my snapper rigs I don't use the wire and heavy swivel. I use 4-6ft of 30lb Fluorcarbon leader down to a #6 Matzuo live bait hook. You can loop on a second hook by grabbing the line a few inches up from the bottom hook, squeeze it together to form a loop. Now place the loop through the eye of the second hook and take that loop and placing it over the hook and pull tight. You can now slide this hook up or down depending on how far apart you want the two hooks. Now place on a couple pieces of chunk bait and your ready to go.


  • bullchaserbullchaser Posts: 931 Officer
    Every report u teach us all something new. Thanks for the report and all the detailed tips!
  • PaulBoatPaulBoat Posts: 4,389 Officer
    Very nice Jeff

    Sent from my Droid
  • robalorogrobalorog Posts: 502 Officer
    Nice report. 8' is a big shark. It is alot easier to find that temp break by checking the sst maps first. Thanks for sharing.
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