Saturday Hillsboro Marlin

Wife wanted to fish and sleep in so we decided to go offshore and see if we could find a spring Dollie or two. Cleared the inlet around 11 and headed offshore to get away from the crowds on the reef. Very nice conditions with lots of flyers but no fish.
Long rigger pops out of the clip and nothing. I look back and can't see anything, then the TLD25 loads up and we are on. I'm thinking it looked a lot like a billfish bite, after 100yds or so still no jumping. All of a sudden the fish charges the boat and erupts about 25 yds off the stern and proceeds to put on an unbelievable tail walk across the stern. A nice blue about 125lbs or so. Just as quickly as it started it was over. There was way too much slack and he threw the hook. That was our only bite of the day but it was certainly memorable.


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