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Fished the pass and then ran the beach (west).... Panama City 3/30

We got somewhat of a late start thanks to the wife doing some volunteer work until about 9:00. Fortunately she's able to change into fishing clothes while driving because she came running down the yard ready to wear out some sheepshead and then run down the beach to look for some ling.

Got to the pass and was able to find a spot. It was pretty funny the boat next to us says to us, "You're wastin' your time Capt. We've been here for two hours and nobody has caught the first fish." I acknowledged him and silently said to myself, "Sounds like we timed it just right!" He pulled anchor and made a move, but was still within sight. I took great pleasure in quickly putting about 20 sheepshead, four pompano and a pair of black snapper in the boat as he watched in dismay.

After that we went west and the water was pretty sorry. A little past the city pier offshore I saw what looked to be a color change in pretty close. We headed that way and it in fact was. Saw a huge turtle on it and send a jig down around him. No luck. After that we just drove the color change about a mile off the beach and it eventually came into the shore around Phillips Inlet. That was probably 2:00 and we decided that it was probably time to head back to the house; breeze had picked up and the conditions were not exactly ideal... (cold and only semi-clear water).

Still had enough fish for one hell of a fish fry, and today I'll be grilling some pomps for the Gator game....


Din din... homemade backed beans, red potato french fries, some cheese grits and slaw... hard to beat!

"Whatcha doin' in my waters?"


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