3-30-13 Jupiter: popped a cherry

First trip out of Jupiter this year. It was Paul and I, with Paul's father in law Kevin and Kevin's friend Bob. Plan was to get them on something, anything... Broke the inlet at 7:15 to 3-5s.

HST for an hr with no knockdowns. Bottom fished and Bob pulled up a grunt as the first fish of the day. As I figure out a small tangle on board, I spot a mahi swim right behind the boat. MAHI!! - I shout. Toss some squid and pilchard chunks hoping to keep it near the boat. Reel the flat line in that's already out there and toss the live pilchard right in front of where I thought it should be. Wait a couple of minutes, and nothing... I know its still out there somewhere, so open the thunnus drag and let er sit. Few minutes later and zzzzzzz, "Kevin, pick up the rod and just reel." 5 minutes later and I net Kevin's first gaffer ever. Great moment of the day. Gotta get a picture of his first, but this fish swallowed the hook and was still very green, so we bloodied up the deck a little...

I landed a nice mutton right after in 85ft SE of inlet; ate a live big shrimp. Couple of more cut offs, grunts and slippery di3ks and we decide to troll some ballyhoo around the kingfish fleet. Zig zagged in and out of fleet between 90ft to 170ft with no knockdowns.

Ended the day exploring some nice weed mats directly east of inlet in 80-100ft. No big fish, and only one mat had some small live baits. Lots and lots of birds today. Didn't try for live bait, I drove car to sandsprit to buy some from bait guy, then met Paul at my house and hitched ride to Jupiter.

Not the best day ever, but Kevin landed his first mahi and I was happy to be on the water on the Gamefish 25.

Heard Rondo and Plane Fish N chatting and tried to get you guys on the VHF, but we may not have transmitted through. Hope you guys caught them up.

So we found out last week we are having a boy, I think he's done quite well for not being born yet ;)

Happy Easter from Lyla and her BFF, Autumn:

Keeping busy while away from Florida



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