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Redfish flamingo fly style.

So as we head out on a brisk cool morning we welcome spring with an extra few layers of clothing. Our mission was as clear as the cloudless blue sky after a wicked full moon that left the fish full and satisfied. As we poled across the flat in search of those who wanted dessert in the shape of a shrimp fly we come across this lonely red penny in less than a foot of water swimming our way. Captain Alex of Miami Inshore Fishing Charters, must be given recognition for if it wasnt for him this would of never been possible. he calmly directs my attention towards the 11:00 hand he says "alright pat you see him"? I reply " I got him". Two false casts later the fly is in the water sitting waiting patiently for an eat. Within 2 feet Captain Alex says strip strip strip and on that third strip sure enough the fly is engulfed and the battle begun. Saw the take as clear as day. Amazing fight on fly, all those who fly fish know those who don't should feel the experience once in their lives ,the experience is **** near religious. cant begin to thank Alex enough. Needless to say we got him to the boat. Here are the pics hope you enjoy.
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