Lucaya - 3/30 Bug Hunt

Put me within a mile of a bug... I DARE YA....

Rolled out today after last nights Rum Front at about 10am and it was a lil' bouncy off Lucaya... trolled up to the Lucayan Waterway and took my clients thru the 'Grand Canal' to the backside... mistake... was windier and the water was dirtier then the fronside... but they did have a good time seeing the sights on the waterway...

Rolled back to the 'southside' and told the rugrats 'today is the day you snorkel "oustide" the reef'... They were all a little apprehensive but I told them, "I ain't just a Captain, I am a certified 1st responder, Rescue Diver, there is absolutey NOTHING I will let happen to you in the water on my watch".... so I splash in, and the oldest, she gears up on deck, slides off the back of the boat on top of me, and away we go. You always have to remind yourself how lucky we are to live in paradise... this kid has never been in clear water. So I tell her leave her 'ski vest' on, hold tight, breathe easy, remember the hand signals we learned yesterday at the beach, and just look around at the sights.

So after a minute or two.... I feel her relax in the water and instead of doing the 'choke hold' on me, she begins to start swimming around with me holding her ever so slightly under her vest... I slowly start easing off the pressure I have under her vest and the next thing I know, i got a 'water-otter' checking out the fishys and sea fanss and corals... We are only in about 6-10 feet of water and come up on a ledge/relief. I will admit, its a bit chilly for this cracker, so she look arounds and sees all the schoolies, etc, then we head back to the boat.

I hand her up and tell everyone to wait a tick as I try to scout a new area to find 'better' life... wait a minute... is that?? OH LIL' BASTARDS!!!! I see just a HAIR of an antenna under this hidden ledge... GAME ON!!! I kick back to the boat, grabbetter gloves, and go to WORK!!! :grin
I dive down and stick my head under the ledge and its Lobster-fest, in 8 feet!!!
Assasinate some fatties and then it's off to the beach bar (via the parents request) and enjoy the afternoon... Ten more days of 'work' ahead..... :grin
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