PC 30

Not much 2 cobes just outside the bite first thing in the morning no hero's.


  • BluewaterfeverBluewaterfever Posts: 447 Deckhand
    Nice, we ran all over and came home with an empty fish box.
    Dumb Fish Die First
  • smithbama1221smithbama1221 Posts: 271 Officer
    We ran way South....six miles past Melbourne Beach.....in depths ranging from 50 to 80 and saw four mantas.....not a single cobia spotted. Once again thank the Lord for the tripletails! Caught some nice ones, but the cobia put the sneak on us. I did see several brought into the port and the Canaveral Queen had five or six hanging when they came in today.
    Tight lines y'all.......just rolling with the Tide!
  • catchme1catchme1 Posts: 235 Deckhand
    Went out today got a skunk. Went way south about 100 ft 70 degree got nada. Plenty of boats in the area and when they saw a ray jump bunch of boats going like sharks to the spot. Saw one boat bring in a cobe near a mat of weeds he was surrounded didn't care to join the party. Same old should have been here yesterday.
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