E$ 24 hour recap (Sails, Kings, Grouper, Dolphin, Snapper FALSE Albacore :) 3/30/13

E$ is a little pooped after fishing a week straight but overall it has been decent.
(Thursday HOT, Friday Sat Warm, Sunday OFF to hang w wife, Little Bob and family..)

Friday I was blessed to run a trip for Don and Nancy on gorgeous 34' Jupiter
(Thank you sooo much Team Tuppens for referral) :hail
Super nice people and we left about 7 AM

Set up in 160' and drifted w/o a bite for an hour. :huh
Nancy hooked a good gaffer dolphin on kite, (jumped off tho) then quiet.

Found a nice weedline / rip edge in 120 and power drifted w kites.
OMG had a quad of LIT UP SAILS pop up and EAT. Experienced some frustration when 2 fish ran right thru the HEAVY grass.

Clean release on 1 fish for Don and Palm Beach released 1 I got tight on, fought to boat, then broke off
Don was pretty stoked to get his first ever billfish on new boat!!
Here is a video dedicated to his friend Charlie up N!

We also caught a bunch of bottom fish but nothing too special.(Porgies, grunts YT etc)
I was frustrated about hooking 2 cobes and losing both (1 to sharks, 1 broke off) but that's fishing.

Saturday had Derek, Steve and the girls on a tight 24' CC w twins (Sea Swirl)
Could not ask for a nicer group of FINE human beings. :hail
High speed trolled for 30 minutes w 0 wahoo :shrug
Tried to get kite up but wind was faltering. :banghead
Caught a decent king about 15lbs and a box of bottom fish. The gals were tearing em up on guppy rig, and Steve got WORKED over
by some big bottom fish / cobes. He kept at it and then winched up a 7-8 lb SOLID 22" red Grouper (vented and released till season ARRGH))

Got a LARGE "Fale Albacore" and lost another nice cobe. (Jacked up leader to 80lbs and fish can still break you off (arrgh)
Although fishing was slow, the gang learned a LOT about fishing in this area and I am grateful for their generosity!!

Peace and Happy Easter to all the good anglers and their families! :angel
Little Bob sends love
USCG Freelance Licensed Captain
20 years experience Offshore & Bahamas ( Sailfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, Swordfish & Bottom Fish.)
(I teach people how to be more effective AND catch MORE and BIGGER fish on their own boats!)
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