SLI 3-30

Cleared inlet about 7:30. No bait man at Sandsprit-good or bad? Stopped at the red can outside, looked left and right. Didn't see anybody looking for bait, so we headed east. About 85 we find a nice mat of weeds. Dropped two lines-nothing. Couple other boates had the same idea.
Kept going out to 175, turned back in to 120, turn out. Get a hit, brought it in. Nice dolphin, so it's a good day.
Zig zag with the rest and headed back out around 125, get a hit, dolphin with friends. Spit the hook and lost 'em.
Kept at it til noon.
Lots of boats out there, but didn't see much activity. All of this was right out front of SLI

Future SIL-Steve. He provided the boat, we provided the riggin'
I was not born stupid, just had lots of practice


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