Banana River Canals with electric chicken and Hobie PA 14

Last Monday March 25th, I decided to take advantage of the clear weather and hit some canals off the Banana River to see if I could find something to catch. I had a mirrodine on the casting rod, a skitterwalk on one spinning rod and a 1/8 oz. Cal jig head with an electric chicken swimming tail on my Fin Nor 2000 combo. First two hours were slow with just one small trout, a couple of jacks and a ladyfish, so I decided to try some deeper water that butts up to some over-hanging mangroves. My plan was to troll down the mangrove edge and trail the electric chicken back behind the kayak about 30 feet back. The wind was blowing pretty good out of the north, but the area I was fishing was sheltered by the mangroves and I just let the kayak drift about five feet off the mangroves. The water felt pretty cool so I thought the trout might be looking for some deeper, warmer water and I was right. My first drift down, a trout about 24" hit so hard he almost took the rod out of my hand. About the time I got the trout to the kayak, a dolphin showed up so I peddled over to the mangrove edge and released the trout into cover. That didn't discourage the dolphin and he stayed with me the rest of the afternoon as I continued to drift the edge and hook nice fish. All in all, I caught and released nine trout ranging 24-27 inches long. Everyone of them slammed the jig like they hadn't eaten in a week and the dolphin never got a one of them, though I did have to snatch one into the boat when he got too close. All in all, a great day of fishing in my new kayak and I have to say peddling beats paddling when you are trying to fish. Sorry no pictures, forgot my camera. The fish were similar in size to this one I caught last year. FLYTRO1.jpg
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