Chum chopper,chumming device

I came up with this device after fishing the keys for over 30 years.My family ,and friends encouraged me to make this available to to other fisherman.I haven't really had the time to really mess with it.I have a commercial dive company that I run 4 months of the year,and the rest of the year I am out of country.Right now I am doing the leg work to show how sport fishing could benefit a small city like Santa Marta,colombia.anyway here is a device that both chums,and chops anything you can fit in has 2. 4" blades that meet a cutting board at the end of the pipe.
I invite any questions.


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    I dont have time for spam ,and I will give any background requested about my self or the device.
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    A friend of mine has a commercial version. PIA to clean.
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    Drilling all those holes must be a blast too.
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    I made this for allot of reasons,one is I have used a chum grinder since I was 8 ,and it was a pia to clean ,and then smell!!!
    this thing keeps all the goodness outside the boat,and sprays off with a hose,it's very easy to clean.
    And drilling the holes are no fun.drilling through stainless was challenging though.
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    I take it that handle can have a rope passed through it to tie off on a cleat?

    How much?
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    I have an eye hook attached to the top of the coupling that is roped to a cleat.I have made these for boats as small as a Ganoe to a 57 Bertram.the cool thing is the whole process is done outside the boat.
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    Right now it cost me about $50 in material and 3 hours to make,so I sell it for $90 and that includes shipping.I have been doing research on cheaper material,and still be able to have access to parts if needed,since where it stands now any part can be bought at lowes,and any part can be replaced as there is no welds.for example the blades are the 4" Warner scraper blades sold in lowes,but I have been playing with stainless,but tempered holds a much better edge.the blades cost $13 for 2 .
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    Spam - The guy with the name "Thechumchopper" is trying to market a product for chopping chum on a fishing reports forum. That is spam. unwanted, misplaced advertisement.
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    This is actually the General Fishing forum, not the Fishing Reports forums! Chum has everything to do with General Fishing info, so maybe you could suck-it-up and comment elsewhere.
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    Other than being a bit less expensive, is this any improvement over the venerable "Chum Churn?"
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