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Everglades Bassmasters 42nd Annual Open Tournament

NitroZ7NitroZ7 Posts: 12 Greenhorn
We are pleased to announce and honored to present,
The Everglades Bassmasters of South Florida 42nd Annual Open Team Tournament.
Sunday April 28 at Everglades Holiday Park
Sign up starts at 4:30 am at the ramp
Fishing is from safe-light to 3:00 pm
$1200 1st prize (based on 50 boat field) 1 payout for every 5 entries
$80 Per Boat (includes $10 Big Bass) 2 anglers max per boat
No dead fish allowed for big fish pot, but ok for overall weight
Dead fish penalty of 1/4# each.
We Have been working hard to provide raffle products and services, tickets are $5 each, 3 for $10, and 7 for $20.
If you have any questions, contact Tony Crowder at 954-254-9072, or [email protected], or Brett Darmody at 561-212-0015

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