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Snapper Fishing off Key Largo

Went fishing this past weekend and the day time acton was pretty slow. We arrived at our first spot tossed anchor and immediately had to move since the current was practically non existent. We moved out to deeper water and found some steady current. we tossed the chum over the side and had our first yellowtail snapper 10 minutes into it. We quickly caught three more and all the snapper were in the 16-18'' range. Gotta love it when you don't even need to measure them =) anyways shortly after my pops is drifting a bait back and BOOM a cuda sky rockets and starts peeling line. I don't like cudas but it was pretty intense. He cut us off and the yellowtail disappeared. About 15 minutes later I catch a yellow only to be mauled by a shark 30ft behind the boat. This continued again and again and we had to move. Our next spot put two yellows in the cooler and the cudas were all over us again. We switched up the fishing and went looking for some muttons. We lost three muttons n the bottom and boated three others. The Mutton Bite I'd say is starting up. On the other hand, although the yellows were very slow that day. That same night my uncle and my cousin went out for the night time bite and limited out rather quickly. Overall it was a great day out with my dad, even though the seas were rough and the fish weren't cooperating with us. Thanks for reading.
Below are some photos Enjoy!! & hoping to edit and post the video of bringing up these muttons. Just haven't had the time with my semester at school coming to an end.

(incase your wondering because many people on the site are very observing, I changed my shirt when I was out there. I don't want to dirty the jersey while getting the boat ready, fueling up etc.)






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