New Red Snapper assessment

DaveDave Posts: 149 Officer
SAFMC has announced that it will be doing a new assessment of the Red Snapper
SEDAR 41 – South Atlantic Red Snapper and Red Porgy (benchmark)Terminal Year of Data: 2013
Report Available to Council: April 2015

What this means is that they will be doing a benchmark assessment means that this should be using new data and should use the MRIP. The data should be from this years data collected from our season.
One of the main things they will be looking at is the fecundity (ability to reproduce) of the eggs in different age classes of females. Right now they are going on the assumption (a/k/a wild *** guess)that the eggs of older females are more likely to reproduce than those of the younger females. If you are asked for roe, give it up to help the cause.


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