3/26 Micco /Grant Afternoon Windfest

Prior to Spring Break, my 10 and 13 year old daughters have been asking to go fishing. Prior to this, we have not been able to go for some time due to some bad weather and yearly maintenance on the boat. Needless to say, their Spring Break showed no signs of getting better as the winds continue to howl! My oldest daughter saw me looking at some of the few reports on the forum and finally had enough, we had to make a run at it :hairraiser! I prepared them for the howling winds and headed out to get some live bait. No doubt, the look on the salesperson’s face was priceless when I told them we were going to go out in the 20 to 25 knot winds…:Popcorn

We ended up fishing some of the local canals with some live shrimp at the start of the outgoing (hard to tell because of the wind action). Five minutes in my oldest hooked and ultimately lost a large sheephead right at the boat. A few minutes later, she hooked and landed it’s smaller brother and another sheephead that made it’s way into the live well. After being blown around, we made our way to a nice edge of windblown current and she landed an 18 inch trout. Not to be outdone, my youngest landed one that was just about the same size. With both craving a fresh fish diner, they were invited home as special guests!


  • CJB11CJB11 Posts: 93 Deckhand
    Nice job way to get the kids out and catching dinner:thumbsup
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 20,190 AG
    If you have DAUGHTERS asking to go fish....do whatever you have to to get them out!

    Congrats to the girls on securing a nice fish dinner.....and good on you Dad for making the time...I assure you it is worth it a hundred fold!
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  • gumbygumby Posts: 33 Greenhorn
    I agree, moments like this are priceless. It's funny duckman, she actually used your post from the other day when you went out in the wind and said, "If Duckman can go out when it's windy and nasty, so can we!".

    Gotta love it when they really enjoy fishing:dance
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