Mosquito Lagoon Kayak Launch

My wife and I will have the incredibly rare opportunity to paddle without any of our 3 kids Saturday (thanks Mother-In-Law) and plan to head down to the ML from Palm Coast. This will be my first time there. What would be the quickest access to the Pole and Troll from the north? In doing our research I'm finding the Apollo Beach access; would that be a good idea?

Should I be concerned with that area at all, or are the west side launches just as accessible?


  • NSByakNSByak Posts: 424 Officer
    Take A1A in new smyrna all the way down as far as you can. put in and paddle south for a few minutes. You will have to pay to use the CNS park, but I think its only $5 unless you have a park pass. You can also use WSEG ramp off of SR3 south of Edgewater.
    Good luck and be careful on your way to and from the poll/troll....people drive like idiots out there in the lagoon sometimes.
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