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Gulfstream Location & Dolphin Fishing

Do you think the distance of the shoreward edge of the Gulf Stream has a big factor on how far you have to run to find dolphin? I've caught them as close in as a mile past the reef off of Marathon and the Gulf Stream was probably 20nm off still. But I hear guys saying that they head for the Gulf Stream. Or, is it that there are eddies and you can have good water 10 miles closer than the edge?


  • razorreilly09razorreilly09 Posts: 8,401 Admiral
    I think it depends on water temp, wind direction, current and all that. Some of my biggest dolphin in the keys came off the patch reefs while targeting sailfish bait showers in the winter.
  • aquasport190aquasport190 Posts: 337 Officer
    Yeah, I guess maybe the bigger concentration of fish are in and around the Gulf Stream but there are always fish going where the bait is.

    I ran into a shool of dolphin at the Thunderbolt one year. Was only able to get one in the boat. The rest were taken by barracuda. They're bad on that wreck.
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    But I hear guys saying that they head for the Gulf Stream.

    I'd bet that when most guys say that, what they mean is out to the dark blue/purple waters offshore since the actual GS snakes it's way in the overall water column of the Florida Straits..... changing every day.

    Now, when Intrepid 377 says that he's going to the GS, you can bet that he's looked at his oceanographic web sites to see, via satellite, thermal imaging, etc exactly where the edge of the true GS is for that day! But for most guys, it probably just means he's trolling offshore......
  • aquasport190aquasport190 Posts: 337 Officer
    I talked to a guide and mentioned that I hoped the dolphin were in close. He said it depends on where the Gulf Stream is on that day. I'm guessing it helps to have it close.

    I'm not into really long runs or burning a lot of fuel so I start looking at 200 feet.
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