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Trip for big reds! Need your help.

I am looking to make a run up to the pan handle in mid April.

Water is still in the 50's and from what I hear the reds are still up in the rivers.
By next month I am hoping to catch them on the move as it gets warm.

I will be targeting solely with fly so I have a few questions.

1. Where is the best place to go for big bruisers? (No interest in keeping anything)
2. What weight rods should I be using?
3. What flies do you recommend?


  • Red FishRed Fish Posts: 1,163 Officer
    Our water is currently in the low 60's and by mid April it may be up to the high 60's in the bay. If you want to come up and cathc big reds on the fly you should try in July and August. When the blue crabs start to move through with the outgoing tides. It is alot of fun catching them on top.

    But if your coming up in April anyway the best place for Big Bull Reds will be along the beaches. You will also have a shot at Pompano, black drum, and cobia.
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  • tan mantan man Posts: 89 Deckhand
    What area of the Panhandle are you thinking of fishing?
  • jhaas51jhaas51 Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    red fish where on panhandle is best place for bait? i can find live bait and frozen bait but never fresh dead. i can work with frozen expect for the fact that the heads are off i dont think tackle stores realize im not trying to make a cocktail out of them must be packaged in the same factories as the grocery food....
  • Reel AggressiveReel Aggressive Posts: 261 Officer
    tan man wrote: »
    What area of the Panhandle are you thinking of fishing?

    I don't have a specific spot. We can go anywhere. I am on here asking where I should go.
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