REPOST : Gear for sale

Hey guys, sorry this is a repost and clarification of the gear I have for sale... instead of editing my other post I figure it would be easier to make a new one (and im unsure of how to delete other posts)

Ive got a Shimano Terez w/ a Shimano Saragossa 10k, spooled with 40lb Diamond braid - $525
Hurricane Redbone w/ Shimano SustainFE 5K, spooled with Spiderwire 10lb, and an empty spare spool - $275
Shimano Baitrunner 3500B? Not really sure of the name of this one... I havent been home to see the reel since I purchased it in a batch of gear - $75
Quantum Triax 30? Same problem as above - $35
Lots of extra gear, tackle, buckets, rod holders and bags...

Ill only be home for 5 days coming this Thursday, so purchasing then would be best! Open to GOOD trades of equal value.


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