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Peacock with Patrick Sebile 3/25/13

We've been talking for about a year now and I finally got the chance to meet and fish with International Angler and Lure Designer, Patrick Sebile of Sebile Lures. What an honor to not only meet Patrick but to wet some lines too... he is truly a class act and very down to Earth, a true angler at heart. We only had a couple of hours to fish as he has a plane to catch but we definitely got some lines wet and caught a few decent peas and some spotted tilapias. We linked up around 7am and got our first pea soon after. This is the ice breaker pea...

I got a couple nice peas too but the pics of my catches are on his camera. Nothing too big but they were all caught on his lures and I got to use some new ones not on the market and still in R&D. We saw some big lmbass and a couple of huge peas but they were very lethargic before the sun came out which was right after he left my house. Good Times & Tight Lines non the less... Miami, FL. Come Down & Get Some!
"Exploring the Sublime of the Angling Worlds." HT


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