Lost my best friend.

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Friday March 15th my Brother,my best friend. Was tragically killed at work in port everglades.He and two others were in a scissor lift 40 ft in the air when it toppled over he and one other worker were killed and the other is in extreme critically condition.
He worked for the County for 22 years the last 18 at the port.He had 8 years to get to 30 and retirerment and we had great plans for the future.

Little Brothers.
What can you say.
While mine was not so little,It was so there was room for his huge heart.
He always had a helping hand to give.Often putting his on life on hold to help others.
I wanted to get him a license plate for his truck that said Ken Do,
Because Ken could do,built,repair,or fabricate most anything.
God in heaven must have needed something repaired really badly to have taken him from us so early.
I just wish he had given us more time.
My brother,Husband,Father,Friend will be forever missed.
I love you Kenny.

Live everyday as if you stole it,because you are. Give your wife a kiss,hug your kids.

Go Navy.....


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    Sorry for your loss. I'm gonna call my brother right now. It can happen anytime, anyway, regardless it's gonna happen to everyone of us. Some sooner than others. I'm feeling for you right now! God bless you and your family! May the pain pass quickly.
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    A terrible loss for your family, I'm so sorry.

    We just never know, do we?...how quick and fleeting life can be...or how hard it is to go on when you have to go on without someone who's as beloved as a little brother. He sounds like a truly fine fella.

    Your advice is good...never miss a chance to show someone how much they mean to you, never miss a chance to brighten a loved one's day...or even to bless a stranger with a smile.
    I find my peace out on the sand...Beside the sea, not beyond or behind. R.A. Britt

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    Very sad news 4$. His memory will live with you forever and that's something no one can take away, ever.

    America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
    Abraham Lincoln
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    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. :angel
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    Prayers to you and your family. My older brother by 3 years was killed in an accident several years ago 3 days after his 29th birthday. As Buffett would say some of its magic and some of its tragic. Time will heal but it will always be different, hang in there and be there for your folks, people aren't geared to lose their children, it is kind of an understanding everyone will lose their parents first (not that it makes it any easier). Sounded like a great guy and I know he will be sorely missed.
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