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Sweet Tea to Coffee..Redfish and Trout 3/19

I found a few hours Tuesday afternoon to fish. High tide was scheduled for late afternoon so I figured I'd knock out the need-to-do's and honey-do's in the AM and leave the want-to-do's for the afternoon. Dunked the boat around 2 and headed East. Came off plane on a productive flat I fished a month ago. The low water and frigid temps of February led to several schools and tailers with plenty of targets. As predicted the water clarity was more like lunchtime sweet tea than the afternoon gin of the prior month. Although I couldn't see s:huhit, the bird activity and mullet led me to believe the fish were there but next to impossible to spot. I did manage a nice slot 4.5 lb red while pitching into mullet swirls close to the bank. I'll include a pic below but understand it was taken while releasing it with the other hand (solo trip).

The fish fought hard had great color and proved they were there. Another quasi-blind cast produced a keeper fat spring-time trout. Both fished were released to kill another time. I think I would have been better off an Osprey on this flat. A group of about 6 were crushing single trout and mullet from there lofty pattern some distance above me. Those birds are amazing. I feel confident one taunted me after clawing a trout with the precision of a mid-east air strike and then flying out of his way to buzz my position. Pretty **** cool and ironic as close to modern fighter jets as I was.

I pushed on further East only to find the sweet tea turn to coffee. The action slowed to crawl. No birds, no bait, no nothin. I gave it hell and then headed back West. Tried another flat and found some bait and nervous water but no fish. Just as I was beginning down another bank I had to call the trip about an hour early after the phone ring reminding me of a forgot-to-do. I shoulda left that thing in the bag. Good trip. Lesson learned. Water clarity is key! Spring time is here and I look forward to longer days on the water.


  • Red FishRed Fish Posts: 1,163 Officer
    Congrats! I am having a rough go this year finding reds on the flats. When the water is this dirty I tend to lose interest much quicker because I love to sight fish. I cant wiat till it clears up!
    Genesis 27:3 - Now then, take your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me.
  • Old DogOld Dog Posts: 558 Officer
    Well you didn't get skunked and that is good, and you got to go and that's a plus too! Were you fishing around Destin, Pensacola, or the Panama City Area?

    We fished St Joe Bay Wednesday and picked up five flounder and 23 trout. The bay was white cappin' and the water was a little cloudy but the fish were hungry if you get a break on the wind to fish for them.
  • BottomLine25BottomLine25 Posts: 45 Deckhand
    Nice work Old Dog. I fished East Bay (PC). I've been itchin to get over to St Joe. Have the fish moved out of the canal? Not surprised to hear the bay was cappin. It can get down right sloppy over there. Hands down my favorite place to fish within 100 miles of PC. You just never know over there!
  • Old DogOld Dog Posts: 558 Officer
    The winter was so mild it makes me wonder if a lot of the trout just stayed in the bay. I fished the canal a couple of times and it didn't light up for me like it has in years past so maybe a lot of trout weren't there. I have fished the bay several times since January and the trout have always been there. I never really jumped on the red fish bandwagon, and only catch one as by-catch when fishing for trout, so I can't report on how they are doing in SJB. I have a fishing buddy who likes to spend a lot of time catching a red or two and he said he hung into some in East Bay on Friday.
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