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Looks like the commercials are very afraid that if there is an allocation shift here in the Gulf red snapper fishery, that it will set a precedent for other fisheries around the country.

"Crucially, the shift in allocation that recreational fishermen want will not be enough to solve their problems, said Bob Gill, a former member and chairman of the Gulf of Mexico fishery management council. “The net benefit to the nation is greater if recreational fishermen have a greater share,” he admitted. “But a study by our independent group of socio-economic experts concluded that only a marginal shift was warranted, meaning less than 1%.”
This amounts to 50,000 pounds of fish, or a day’s catch – meaning very little extra fishing to the recreational lobby.
“The American public can fish for red snapper 365 days a year, the fishery works as a catch and release fishery all year round. Functionally it’s untrue that you can’t go out and fish, you just can’t keep a fish,” Gill said."

Gill admits that the net benefit to the nation is greater if recreational fishermen have a greater share, then quotes some study by his so-called experts that says it shouldn't be more than 1%. Hey Bob, 1% + 49% = 50% which is not "greater" than the resulting 50% commercial allocation, genius.

BTW, word on the street is that former Gulf Council chair Bob Gill, quoted in this article, is now working for The Ocean Conservancy. Seems that he may have a golden parachute for his consistent push for the enviro lobby agenda which got his butt removed from Council. If true, it seems that using his position at the Council level chair to control the agenda and discussion can be rewarding. How much is Ocean Conservancy paying you Mr. Gill? At least the American taxpayer is no longer paying him to push the enviro agenda.

Perhaps there needs to be some affidavits from people who actually attended the initial allocation meeting years ago. Apparently the results of their investigation showed that there should be something like a 75% rec/25% comm split. The next day, however, the split was magically changed to the 49%/51%. Crooked as a bucket of chain.

Disgusting and obscene - the whole process.

Capt. Thomas J. Hilton


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