3/16/13 - Port Canaveral Offshore & Inshore

(3) of us tried our luck, dropped lines in at 110 & went all the way out to 550. never saw a single rip, nothing floating, no weedlines. water was cool until you were out a ways like everyone else said. seas got bigger when we got out there so we pointed boat SW and trolled all way back in to 110. not a single hit. then we did a Cobia search in 60-70ft of water on way back North to Port. never saw a single Ray nor Cobia. talked to many at ramp & Grill's that night - same thing. was sooooo windy that night at Grill's we canceled fishing Sunday and partied later. got up Sunday to see no wind. but, since we had nothing encouraging Sat, decided to not go still and wait for a little warm up....maybe next time


  • smithbama1221smithbama1221 Posts: 271 Officer
    Thanks for the report.....we did the same on Monday and it pretty much sucked. Weather-wise and fish. Should get better with this warmer weather.....good luck!
    Tight lines y'all.......just rolling with the Tide!
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