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Weekend Crossing SLI to Grand Cay Fishing Report

Well, we decided to do an early Grand Cay trip this year and the weekend looked great.We were originally planning on leaving Friday but the weather pushed us to Saturday. The report as of Friday called for 2-4s through Tuesday with winds shifting from north to south so I assumed Saturday through Monday would be perfect. We left dock Saturday morning around 7:45 am with fully loaded down boat. Took my boat with 5 men. The crossing was great. What little waves there were swells with long period. Some 2-3 ft swell in the stream but spread out. Never even noticed, ran 32 mph the entire rod and was bone dry. Took just over 3 hours to get to Walkers. Smooth check in and little lunch before we headed back out.

Started trolling for grouper around 1:00 out of cut from Grand towards Double Brest cay. Little slow but managed a decent grouper. The picture makes it look like awesome red racing strip on this fish but it is just blood. Went to bottom fishing for strawberry grouper after about 2 hours of trolling. Nothing worth showing caught. Bunch of trigger fish mainly and some small strawberry grouper and grunts. Headed in about 5:00, checked in and ate the grouper had a few cocktail and planned for next day.:beer


Sunday morning we left the dock around 7:30 back through grand cay cut and starting trollimg the ledge south. Several hours of NOTHING. Not a cuda, bonita, nothing. 10:00 or so we decided to run in to 20 ft and fish for yellow tail snapper and strawberry grouper. Had fun couple of hours catching yellowtail. No strawberry grouper but did manage pretty humourous catch of AJ on lite tackle. Also caught a pretty big nurse shark around 8ft.

A little after noon broke out the bologna and chips for lunch. After refueling we went and tried our luck with the spears. 3 of us went in the water. 1 pole spear and 2 slings. This is part I would like to forget as we all lost a man card. 1st 1 misses a hog fish but another buddy managed to track it down and get it with pole spear. It went crazy and spun just right to untwist the breakaway tip. Off it goes. Next partner looses a shaft in a grouper. I manage to stalk this nice ~18-20 inch hog for about 20 minutes. Finally I get a shot and it is a good one. Not kill but clean through about halfway. I race to him and grab it. Success!. I start swimming back to boat with my hand on shaft in between him and the flap. Somehow the flap closes and he spins off. At this point Im pissed and said lets go deep drop.

Started deep drop around 2:00. It was slow but managed about 1/2 dozen yellow eye. The water is dead calm, no waves, wind or current. Notice in the picture it is just flat.


Around 3:30 we decided to troll back in. Same pattern as in the morning. After around 45 minutes one line screams, look back and see another fish out of water just attacking bait but line never goes tight. We clear lines and the fight is on. Managed to reel in this nick 45lb yellowfin in about 15 minutes. Hook went in his mouth and came through his eye, solid hookup.

Get him calm on deck and turn my back to reach over boat and rinse my hands in water. The boat leans and he slides with open mouth right on my let and clamps down. I was bitten by a tuna:rotflmao

After we get back organized notice lone frigate bird. Run under him and manage a couple dolphin

Start trolling again and two lines scream with trolling lures. Don't manage to see either one. I am assuming it is our wahoo and we just missed our made up trolling slam. After that decided to head back in around 6:00.

Pretty decent day

Had them fry up some whole yellow tail for us for dinner :thumbsup


Next morning we headed out around 8:30. The trip back was AWFUL! Once we got to edge of bank it was solid 6-8s for about 10 miles. Several 10ft came in. I was having to head 230 course to fight waves and was making less than 10 mph in that direction. I thought if it stayed like that we may be in little trouble. After about 1.5 hours of that seas improved to 4-6s and I was happy to see them. We are all soaked and cold as I didnt have any foul weather gear so I pushed it 15 to 20 mph just to get home, continuously spraying us whole way. When we got withing 20 miles of Stuart winds shifted and now behind us. Seas still 3-5s, couldnt catch break. Last 10 miles were just as interesting. It took nearly 6 hours to get back. :banghead

I am tired, sore, and thankful to be home after that beating. Pulling up to sandsprint park I could barely walk. Going to try again May / June
27 Contender :D
Stuart, FL
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